• During the spooky season, e-4ORCE technology creates the perfect potion of confidence, control and power to overcome the most frightening of surface conditions
  • Bend the road to your will as e-4ORCE distributes the torque to the front and rear motors to maximise tire grip, even on the deepest, darkest autumn roads
  • Individually controlled for each wheel – keeps you prepared for whatever is hiding around the corner

PARIS, FRANCE — As autumn casts its enchanting spell and leaves gracefully fall, Nissan invites you to hop on a broomstick and take a thrilling ride through the season's shadows with complete confidence, powered by e-4ORCE technology.

Super-powered by its all-wheel drive system with individually controlled braking, e-4ORCE is the trusty sidekick to your superhero Nissan vehicle – supporting you to confidently conquer the unpredictable conditions of autumn without a scare in the world. Nissan's cutting-edge e-4ORCE system commands the road, adjusting power and braking in each wheel to improve traction and performance. Feel the magic as it guides you through every twist and turn, no matter what is lurking around the corner.

Whether driving during the darkness of the witching hour or facing a spooky journey taking children trick-or-treating, the front and rear motors work seamlessly together to protect and enchant passengers and others on the road.

Prepare to be spellbound by e-4ORCE technology's remarkable capabilities, offering a thrilling adventure brimming with confidence, control, and power. Embrace the magic of autumn with e-4ORCE – available on the Nissan X-Trail e-POWER and fully electric Nissan Ariya – and enjoy a journey that is all treats, with no tricks.

Dive into the video below to witness the latest chapter of the 'e-4ORCE For All Seasons' campaign. Uncover how e-4ORCE works its magic to conjure a driving experience that is so hauntingly good, you'll wonder whether it's truly real.


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